Web App Installer

A one–click Web Apps Installer with over 40 PHP scripts

In the Web Control Panel you can find a swift, 1–click Web Apps Installer tool, use it, so that you can install more than 40 free PHP scripts. It will help you get your personal diary, Internet forum, photo gallery or e–shop online within seconds. Just choose your desired app, fill in the details and click the Install button. And that’s it! The platform will carry out the installation for you in seconds. No code to write, absolutely no software deal with.

Website Installer

Launch your personal websites with just a click

All our cloud hosting packs provide you with a quick way to build your very own personal website, even if you lack any tech abilities. Thanks to the Web Site Installer Application built into the Eclipse Technology Solutions Web Control Panel, developing your business or personal web site is astonishingly easy – just specify the kind of site you would like as well as a preferred web site skin. We will set up your new website in a jiffy and will send you info on how to manage it with a single click.

Website Builder

Create your personal or business websites with just a click

Getting published online is remarkably easy with the Complimentary Site Building Application included in your Web Control Panel. All you need to do is choose a template from our collection of over one hundred business and personal website themes and after that add your site content (photos, textual content, etc.) with a click of the mouse. In order to put your website online, simply hit the Publish button. It’s that simple. You may use the Website Builder for all the domains in your hosting account.

Domain Manager

Manage all your domain names from one location

You’ll be able to easily manage all your domain names using the Web Control Panel–integrated Domains Manager. With a simple click, you can lock/unlock a domain name, modify nameserver settings, add custom DNS entries, forward a website, park unlimited domains and much more. Moreover, you’ll be able to register or transfer multiple domains, mask your own personal WHOIS data or secure your online store with an SSL.

Multiple Data Centers

Cloud hosting services on three different continents

Our cloud hosting network stretches across 3 continents – North America (the Steadfast datacenter in Chicago, IL, USA), Europe (the Pulsant datacenter in Maidenhead, United Kingdom, the Ficolo underground data center in Pori, Finland and the Telepoint data center in Sofia, Bulgaria) and Australia (the Amaze datacenter in Sydney). This implies that, no matter where you actually live, you will be able to choose a datacenter that is close to your target audience. So that, you’ll warrant the quickest tenable web site loading speeds for them. You’ll be able to choose your datacenter facility with one click on the order page.

Data Backups

Your websites are totally backed–up with us

We back up your web site content regularly, which means that you never ever risk losing your files, apps, databases, email messages, etc. due to hack attacks or unintended deleting on your end. Also, through the File Manager which is accessibly integrated into the Web Control Panel, you will be able to make manual backups of all your site content at any time. Simply indicate and compress the file(s) that you wish to back up and our system will save it for you in the location you have chosen.

True Cloud Platform

Take a Tour

At Eclipse Technology Solutions, we take pride in employing an actual cloud hosting platform – every single service is handled by a separate web hosting hosting server, which implies that your websites will always open fast even if the system is overloaded. This cloud hosting platform was developed entirely by us with stability and scalability in mind, and is backed up by a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Solid–State Drives

Your web site will be much faster with solid–state disks

All new desktop PCs and laptops are equipped with solid–state disks and this is so for a reason. SSDs have much faster read & write speeds, making everything so much faster. Precisely the same will apply to your web site if you host it with Eclipse Technology Solutions – all the cloud hosting machines are fitted out with solid–state disks and the web sites hosted with us load faster compared to those hosted on regular HDDs.

And the best part is that you do not need to adjust, fine–tune or configure anything at all so as to make it work faster.

File Manager

A drag & drop interface

To use the File Manager available in the Web Control Panel is identical to working with your own desktop machine file manager. You’ll be able to upload a file or folder onto our web hosting server or vice versa with a simple drag–and–drop manoeuvre. What’s more, you’ll be able to create, delete, copy, rename and move files & folders with just a mouse click. The source code editor and the What–You–See–Is–What–You–Get editor will make it possible for you to modify your files from within the web hosting Control Panel. If you need help, you can check out the integrated instructional video tutorials.

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